5 ideas for big birthday party events

5 ideas for big birthday party events


5 ideas for big birthday party events


          A year passed so quick and it is time for your birthday again! A year older and a year better, to make your day special, let’s make it different from last year to bring out new memories and experience. You may change the place for organizing the event and choose the type of food you love on your day for you and your guests. After you get the place to run the party then it is time to decorate the place and bring in the music band to create a nice atmosphere. You can even have some games for your guests to have some fun together.

          In this blog, Vi’s classic catering would like to talk about 5 ideas for big birthday party events you can create on your birthday.

          1. Having your birthday party in the venues
          If you want to invite many people to your birthday, venues seem like a great idea for this because it has a wide area as a place for all your guests to have dinner together. The venues also have a stage and audio equipment ready too. So, you can let the mc run the party or have a music band come and play the music easier. One more good thing is that it also has facilities ready such as a parking lot and a projector ready to be used.

          2. Having high class Asian food for your guest on your birthday
          Are you an Asian food lover? Or are you missing Asian food? Why don’t you have an Asian food on your birthday then. Your birthday is just one time per year. To create great memories for yourself and your guests, luxury Asian menus will definitely make them happy. It is not just about the taste but people also can enjoy how it is decorated. Especially, if you are an Asian who lives abroad, you may miss Asian food and want to share the food culture to your guests who are foreigners as well.

          The Asian food we are talking about can be chinese menu, vietnamese menu and Hong Kong style menu for example. You can have it as a buffet style menu for people to do self service and have less waiters and waitresses in the party or have it served directly on the table for your guests to give them a comfortable feeling. And after your guests enjoy all Asian food, then it is time for some snacks and dessert. Lastly, don’t forget your special birthday cake for everyone in the event too.

          3. Decorating the venue beautifully
          To make your party more lively, decorate it with some beautiful balloons in the entrance so you can have a corner taking pictures with all your beloved guests as momories. You can even have a proper photo booth for them to have some fun as well. And if you want to be a bit more creative. You can create some theme on your birthday to let people have some fun on dressing and the whole party will be unique with its own theme.

          4. Having the music band to create some good atmosphere
          To make the atmosphere of the events a bit more special, having some music band you like can create some more special moments. You can have one band play chilled songs during the dinner and have another band after the dinner for party music. Your guests can request the song they like as well. After you had tasty Asian food, you can enjoy some Asian songs as well if you and your guests want.

          5. Create some games for the quests to join
To fill up the evening and let your guests have some more fun, you may create some games that everyone can join as a group or even individual. Games are absolutely a great idea to let your guests know each other more, laugh and just enjoy their evening. Most of all, games can bring all the attention from your guests and have a little moments of excitement.

          So, how do you like these ideas for your big birthday? You can create this easily with us, Vi’s classic catering. We are Asian Catering Service in Melbourne that creates 5 stars catering service for weddings and other types of catering such as birthdays, corporate assosiation, concert events, etc.

          Vi’s classic catering has our professional chefs who have experience in chinese restaurants for more than 8 year and we also have our own professional waiting staff for more than 30 people to be ready to render the best service for you. If you are interested and wonder what our chefs can make for the menu, you can have a look at the Vi’s classic catering’s menu.

          And of course you can adjust or tell us which menu you want for your day, so we can create a set of menu depending on what you request and the budget as well. Please contact us for more further details. Let us be a part of your important day and let us take care of all the work for you no matter what kinds of events.