Classic Asian Wedding Catering in Melbourne, Australia

Classic Asian Wedding Catering in Melbourne, Australia 



          Congratulations to soon to be brooms and brides out there! When that day comes, it will be one of the most memorable moments of your life. And before that, there will be a lot of things ahead to be prepared for that important day; rings, clothes, venues to get married, decorations, invitation cards, food, dessert and many more. And if you want Chinese food catering as a main part for your guests, do you know you can have classic Asian Wedding Catering in Australia?


          No matter if you are Asian who works, lives and wants to start a family in Australia or you or your partner is Asian and want to have a Classic Asian Wedding Catering in Australia. Vi’s Classic Catering can support you with that professionally.


About Vi’s Classic Catering

          Machi La is a founder of Vi’s Classic Catering. He got 10 years experience in Asian catering when he was working for Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne. He had developed his skill along the way and applied knowledge he had on first class Asian catering from a 5-star hotel to his own business until today. 


          Our Hongkong chefs are from well known chinese restaurants in Melbourne and have more than 25 years experience in Asian catering with us. No matter how big your wedding will be, all of our staff, up to 40 contractors who were trained professionally, will take care of you at their best on your important day.  


Wedding Venues in Melbourne

          After you know a bit about Vi’s Classic Catering already. Let’s take a step further to look at wedding avenue in Melbourne that we work with. You can take a look at their websites and pictures to get the idea which venues are your favorites. 


Here are the list of 10 venues in Melbourne that we have been working with for many years.

They all are beautiful venues aren’t they? If you have some venues you like in mind already, now it’s time to look at another important part of your big day which is the wedding food menu!


Wedding food menu by Vi’s Classic Catering

          We have 2 sets of main menus for customers to choose from but of course you can add and adjust it the way you want and to make it suit your budget. As Chinese catering, our chefs will surely prepare some of the best Chinese food dishes and first class meals for you. 


          For example, we have spicy soft shell crab, lived lobster quarter braised with Xo sauce, steamed barramundi fish whole one, famous peking duck wrapped, supreme shark fin soup, etc. Apart from the main menu we mentioned, our chefs will have some tasty dessert for you as well such as creme brulee or fruit platter. 


          You can take a look at the two sets of menu we offer here. And if you have your favorite Asian food menu you want to add on top or just change, you can just let us know. The menu can be really flexible to suit your needs and your budget. Then we will create a set of menu especially for you.


          After you read this blog until this line, you know us a little more. You may already have wedding venues in mind, how decoration styles the venue offers that you like and first class Asian menu for your ideal Classic Asian Wedding Catering for your wedding. Now, three big parts of your wedding are now pretty much prepared. The rest are rings, wedding clothes, invitation cards, etc. and you will be more than ready.


          If you are looking for Classic Asian Wedding Catering in Melbourne, let us be your supporter with more than 25 years experience in Chinese catering. Our chefs are really talented and professional. Same goes to our number of staff that will render the service professionally too on your big day. We work as a team to make your day come out the way you are always waiting for.

          We will be more than happy to be a part of your wedding day. Contact us and then we can have a discussion about what you need and what we can offer. Let’s make your guess impressed when they come to your wedding together with Classic Asian Wedding Catering!