8 recommended Vietnamese restaurants in Melbourne

8 recommended Vietnamese restaurants in Melbourne


          Vietnamese food is unique with its rich tastes and fresh ingredients. Most Vietnamese dishes will be created with balance under a combination of meats, herbs and vegetables. Base food will be rice, noodles and rice paper then added to the seasoning with sugar for sweetness, lemon for the sourness and salty with the fish sauce. The hot dish has its own aroma smell with rich taste from long cooked broth and the cool meal will be made from many types of healthy fresh vegetables. 

          If you miss this specialty of Vietnamese food, visit some of the best Vietnamese restaurants in town. Below is the recommended list of best Vietnamese restaurants in Melbourne!


1. Firebird Vietnamese Restaurant

          At Firebird Vietnamese restaurant, they offer both normal and vegan dining. Start from snacks like flat press Bahn Mi or grilled oysters, Then, small dishes such as grilled rice paper and beef carpaccio. Or rice and curry options like lamb rib curry and hot and sour broken rice claypot to various sets of menu at the same price which are categorized as all in super all in and vegan all in. Apart from that they also offer fried dishes made from duck, fish, chicken and pork. There are so many choices for types of meat and vegan food lovers can come to enjoy fusion Vietnamese food as well.


2. Hanoi Mee Kitchen & Bar

          Are you craving authentic Vietnamese food like Pho, spring rolls and rice paper rolls? Then Hanoi Mee Kitchen & Bar can be a good choice for you. Rather than typical Vietnamese food, the restaurant also offers interesting Asian food like buns, dumplings and woks. Apart from that, the restaurant also offers chef’s menu or best bits in one price and enjoy plenty of seafood and meat meals such as calamari prawn crab spring roll and steam prawn dumplings.


3. VN Wrap & Roll – South Melbourne

          We already talked about fusion and authentic Vietnamese food but this time it is kind of Vietnamese fast food. VN Wrap & Roll offers choices of Banh Mi, a baguette with meats and veggies. Then rice paper rolls with many kinds of stuffing such as prawn, grilled chicken or pork, smoked salmon and tofu. They also create a special healthy dish of vercelli noodles salad. If you are looking for something simple but tasty and healthy, VN Wrap & Roll is absolutely something for you.


4. Proud Peacock Restaurant

          Back to basics with Proud Peacock Restaurant, various choices of Pho, an intense Vietnamese noodle soup are waiting to serve you including Pho with chicken, beef, beef and chicken, beef and tendon, beef and beef balls, vegan Pho and more. Hot spring rolls are also one of the most famous Vietnamese foods of all time. The Proud Peacock Restaurant offers it with prawn, pork, vegan and more.



          Are you looking for a social place that offers Vietnamese food? You may want to consider Tonkin restaurant. This place offers Vietnamese food with reasonable prices including vegetable spring rolls, pho and bun. They also have a special price of lunch set with the combination of two. If you miss Vietnamese coffee, the shop also has it ready to serve you!


6. Pho Nom Ella Melbourne Central

          Feel like Vietnamese street food today? Try out Pho, Bahn Mi, rice paper rolls, bun or com at Pho Nom. The restaurant offers Pho Bo Hanoi with sliced rare beef and Pho Bo Saigon with sliced rare beef, brisket, meatballs. If you want shredded chicken and sliced rare beef Pho then you can go with Pho Ga + Bo. Bahn Mi is also ready to serve with extra tasty stuff inside like crispy roast pork belly or grilled lemongrass chicken.


7. Sen Storm Noodle Bar & Grill

          Another authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne is Sen Storm. The restaurant offers bun or vermicelli dishes covered with grilled meats, Pho, My or dried wheat noodle with meats and Bahn Kann or specialty noodles. This restaurant also serves special entrees such as taro bombas and chicken slaw.


8. Le Feu Moorabbin GF

          Want to have a nice meal of Vietnamese food? Then you might want to consider Le Feu Moorabbin GF restaurant. The restaurant offers tasty rice bowls with various kinds of meat such as Wagyu beef, roasted duck, grilled chicken, fried fish, etc. If you want to eat spring rolls from Saigon or Hanoi, the restaurant also has both of them.

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