10 recommended venues for Asian wedding catering in Melbourne

10 recommended venues for Asian wedding catering in Melbourne


10 recommended venues for Asian wedding catering in Melbourne


          Are you looking for a perfect place for Asian wedding catering in Melbourne on your special day? In this blog, we would like to introduce you to 10 recommended venues for either Chinese catering and Vietnamese catering in Melbourne!

     1. Manor On Higher 

          Manor On Higher is a wedding venue in Epping. They have many options for you from the luxury rooms to outdoor event settings whether you want a small or big ceremony. Each year Manor On Higher delivers more than 300 wedding events! The wedding rooms include bridal quarters, cigar bar lounge, large dance floors and private courtyard. 

          Manor On Higher has an event team to organize the beautiful decoration for your wedding day to suit your needs. In addition, they also have event partners to take care of event themes and catering as well.

          Manor On Higher’s website: manoronhigh.com.au


     2. Grand Star Receptions

          The wedding package of Grand Star Receptions are separate into Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond so, you can choose upon your requirement and budget. They have 4 types of venues to offer which are imperial room, venus room, starlight room and foyer room. You can take a look at their website to see which room you like the most!

          Grand Star Receptions’s website: grandstar.com.au


     3. Sheldon Receptions

          Sheldon Receptions has 20 years experience in organizing wedding catering in Melbourne.

          If you imagine a perfect day with entertainment, wedding cakes and prestige cars, Sheldon Receptions can bring it all to you. They offer 3 main venues which are bliss room, delphinium room and Sheldon gardens. How do you imagine your wedding day? If you want a fun wedding catering, you can choose a bliss room or a delphinium room for a luxury wedding ceremony. But if you want an outdoor place for your Asian wedding catering, you can go with Sheldon gardens.

          Sheldon Receptions’s website: sheldonreception.com


     4. San Remo Ballroom

          San Remo Ballroom offers a refurbished entrance foyer, bar and ballroom for your Asian wedding catering. This place is a real treasure from the past. The San Remo Ballroom originated as Adelphi Theatre which was opened in 1922. The room can welcome from 150 to 450 guests. They also have a large circular dance floor and modern bar as well.

           San Remo Ballroom’s website: srbevents.melbourne


     5. Ultima Receptions

          Ultima Receptions has 30 years of experience as a great venue in Melbourne. They offer 7 rooms in total for all kinds of events including your wedding catering and one of them is glass house. You can check their venues and see which one is what you are looking for!

          Ultima Receptions’s ’s website: ultimafunction.com.au


     6. Manningham Function Centre

          Manningham Function Centre has the stunning panoramic views of the Macedon, Dandenong ranges, and perfect backdrop for your wedding day. The place can welcome up to 400 guests and offer the package from $ 140 per person including bridal suite, stage, data projectors, etc.

          Manningham Function Centre’s website: manninghamfunctioncentre.com.au


     7. White Night Receptions

          White Night Receptions is built as a modern style of European palace. Their luxurious garden room can welcome up to 200 people and has private access to the secret garden. But if you want a bigger ceremony, you can go with the gallery room that can accept up to 400 people. 


          White Night Receptions’s website: whitenightreceptions.com

     8. White Stone Receptions

          White Stone Receptions has a Bentleigh wedding venue which includes sparkling chandeliers, velvet walls, florals, a modern-luxe aesthetic and NYC-inspired bar, and a garden sky. Inside of the room is decorated in a unique style with an indoor tree. If you are looking for a warm place for your wedding catering, this place is the answer because it can accept up to 150 guests which is not too big compared to other venues.

          White Stone Receptions’s website: facebook.com/whitestoneeventsvenue


     9. Alencia Receptions

          If you want a modern style of wedding, Alencia Receptions could be your favorite! They offer a 17th century French Alençon lace style of room for your wedding catering. Your wedding will look stunning with a palette of white, black, gold and beautiful flowers in such an elegant way.

          Alencia Receptions’ s  website: alencia.com.au


     10. Ivory Receptions

          The last wedding venue on our list is Ivory Receptions. This venue has a ballroom, rose garden terrace, foyer and bridal suite all in one place.  

          Ivory Receptions’s website: theivoryelsternwick.com.au


          How do you like these beautiful wedding venues in Melbourne? You can take time and look at which place could be the one you love the most. Good news is that all wedding venues we mentioned are partnered with Vi’s classic catering! 


          So after you can choose the place, you can get Asian wedding catering with both Chinese catering or Vietnamese catering there in the package to make your day even more special with Asian food. Vi’s classic catering will make sure that you and your guests will be happy with Asian catering in Melbourne from our professional chefs and staff!