10 Chinese Catering Ideas For Your Ballroom Party

10 Chinese Catering Ideas For Your Ballroom Party


          Ballroom parties aren’t limited to wedding parties, but also include birthday parties, company parties, etc.

          And, speaking of ballroom parties, one of the most important things is ‘catering’. Preparing various delicious dishes for your guests can add more cheerful atmosphere to your party, as everyone loves tasty food. Here, ‘Chinese catering’ is what we would like to suggest, as Chinese dishes taste good, smell good and are easy to consume.

          If you’re about to host a ballroom party and still don’t have any ideas for your catering, then let us show you some simple ‘Chinese catering ideas’ that would make your party more colorful and fun.



1. First of all, don’t forget Dim Sum.

          Dim Sum dishes like dumpling, spring roll, wonton, or steamed bun are perfect for every types of ballroom parties. It’s good for your guest to consume them with tea, juice or any type of soft beverage.



2. A large party is better with experienced chefs.

          A large party contain a large amount of people. Therefore, you better prepare some chefs that specialize in Chinese catering to make sure that all dishes are good for all guests, especially those who are seniors or VIP. Also, experienced chefs can help you choose best taste of each dish.



3. The party theme is also important.

          Since you want to serve your guests with Chinese food, let’s keep the party theme in a Chinese atmosphere too. Anything will do, for examples, red color, Chinese-styled costumes, Chinese-styled ornaments, Chinese-styled decorations, etc.



4. Include traditional Chinese desserts too.

          Of course, a party meal won’t be a party meal at all if there are no sweet dishes. And, for Chinese catering, there are bunches of sweet dishes that are perfect for a ballroom party, for examples, Osmanthus cake, Mung Bean cake, Tangyuan, etc. Don’t forget to make all pieces more beautiful with marvelous carving.



5. Let’s prepare some tea.

          Tea and Chinese food have been together for centuries. So, if you want your catering more interesting, let’s prepare various types of Chinese tea, like for your guests to choose. And, if it’s possible, prepare someone who specializes in making Chinese tea too.



6. Blue and white porcelain is great.

          If you use cups and dishes made of blue and white porcelain to contain the food, it will add more Chinese atmosphere to the party. There are many beautiful Chinese patterns for blue and white porcelain, all of which represent positive meanings, for examples, dragon, fish, mountain, etc.



7. Play some Chinese music.

          In fact, nice Chinese catering is good enough for your party, but if you want it to be better and more memorable, let’s add some Chinese music to your party to. You can hire a traditional Chinese music band to play in the party or you can just prepare a playlist of leisure Chinese song and turn it on.



8. Add some aroma.

          To make a ballroom party complete, atmosphere is as important as catering. Beside food and decoration, keep the room in a nice smell too. Add some fragrance. Choose a smell that goes with the catering and the party theme. For examples, if you host a party with Chinese catering and Chinese theme, light smells of flowers or Sandalwood would be nice.



9. Don’t hesitate to adapt some traditional dishes

          Cooking is a type of art and there is no boundary in art. Even it’s a traditional dish, you can still adapt it to make the taste and appearances suit the modern age. Same as here, you want Chinese catering for your party. It’s good to have traditional Chinese dishes, but you don’t have to keep all dishes traditional. Just add some contemporary dishes too. Try combining ingredients and styles of different nations.


10. Choose a catering service carefully.

          There are many good Chinese catering services. So, prepare some plans for your party at least one month ahead. Then compare prices , packages and service conditions to choose one that you think is the best. If you have enough time, it will be convenient for you to discuss the details of your party with the company you choose and get everything done perfectly.


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